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Басня Крылова Орел и крот на английском языке

Орел и крот

The moral of the fable "The Eagle and the Mole" is that you should not neglect the advice of those who seem to us lower in status or do not like us for some reason: sometimes the opinion of an unfamiliar, but knowledgeable person can be very useful. Proud and arrogant people do not like to take the advice of outsiders and because of this, they often turn out to be fools.

«The Eagle and the Mole»

Over great forest regions flying,

A splendid eagle sped, preceding far his mate.

They purposed on a mighty oak to wait,

Until among the branches should be lying,

Within a nest, a brood derived from mutual love;

There they would tend their fledglings through sweet days of summer.

Calls upward a fresh comer,

Who views from earth the king above: —

" This ancient tree is hardly fitted for a dwelling;

Through rotting roots, is insecure.

Will topple: 'scape the woodman's felling."

So utters, from a hole, a voice demure.

But, if a sovereign bird should take from a benighted

And abject mole advice; who then would praise.

In future days,

Eagles keen-sighted?

How dared a mole reflect on higher beings' ways

So drily?

The monarch sternly glanced, but nothing said.

Would hear no little mole, returned to work, instead;

Deftly prepared a future bed

And rest for one he honoured highly;

And welcomed with her, soon, precocious eaglets wily.

What next? It happened once at dawn.

That, to the nest, flew with a tiny fawn

As a rich breakfast in his talents, the fond father.

The oak, as he alas! must gather,

Had, with a crash, both mate and young to earth down drawn.

" Oh, anguish! oh, what dread affliction!

Grievously am I curst!

Fate for my pride, has sent me punishment the worst.

Because I would not heed a wise and shrewd prediction;

Yet, how in truth could I expect,

An humble mole would sage advice to me direct? "

" If you had not despised my message,"

Was muttered from below, " you might have used my presage.