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Тришкин кафтан басня Крылова на английском языке

Тришкин кафтан

Trishka the guy is not a timid ten took, and otchubuchil mangled the whole caftan beyond recognition and does not worry about it

«Trishka's caftan»

Trishka's caftan was out at elbows. Why should he ponder long over it? He took to his needle, cut a quarter off each sleeve; so mended the elbows. The caftan was all right again, only his arms were bare for a quarter of their length. That is no great matter; but every one is always laughing at Trishka. So Trishka says,

"As I'm no fool, I'll set this afi'air straight also. I'll make the sleeves longer than they were before. Oh! T rishka is no common-place fellow."

So he cut off the skirts of his caftan, and used them to lengthen his sleeve. Then Trishka was happy, though he had a caftan which was as short as a waistcoat. In a similar way have I sometimes seen other embarrassed people set their afiairs straight. Take a look at them as they dash away.

They have all got on Trishka's caftan.